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Read a little bit more about this page and some history behind it.

This page is dedicated to the best vector-based tool on the Earth— FreeHand. Since I have only a Mac, I’m not very familiar with PC problems, but I’m sure that most of the things described here will be useful for FH users on both platforms.

Main goal of this page is to help people get most of their use of FreeHand. Since FH is not panacea, you will need to use some other programs while doing design, and that’s why you will find some FreeHand-related problems with Photoshop and QuarkXPress covered here.

And of course, if you have any tip, trick, idea, comment or whatever, sent it to me at tema@tema.ru. Also, if you find these tips and tricks useful, please drop me a note.

Assorted tips and tricks

Working with colors

Exporting to other applications

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