Creating vinyl effect.

Here's very easy and also very neat effect you can use. I assume you have stolen Illustrator Plug-Ins and use them. If not, you'll have to spend two extra minutes.

  • So, draw a circle:

  • Then, press Command-= (clone). Reduce cloned circle a little bit, but don't forget to press Control key and Shift key (your circle will be reduced proportionally and around the same center as the parent circle).
  • Then, press Command-D (duplicate) needed amount of times (10 to 20).

  • Then choose Calligraphy filter from the Stylize menu (under Extras). I used settings: 3 pt pen width and 120 degrees pen angle.

  • Add salt and pepper:

  • If you don't have Illustrator Plug-ins, create object like this:

    And repeat steps 2 and 3.

    Copyright 1996-1997 by Art. Lebedev