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Creating 3D Objects

Everything in this world that is three-dimentional, human eye always sees in 2 dimensions. All that we see in fact is screened on the small net in human eye that is called retina. Retina is just a screening surface which recepts reflections of light. And it is two-dimentional, of course.
This little explanation is needed to describe principle of objects we usually call 3-dimentional.
Unlike simple 2D geometrical figures, like circle or a square, 3D objects are emulating real-world figures that usually have all three dimentions. And you also have to know that 3D is what we see, not always what it really is.
Knowing all this you can create objects that look voluminous (not flat). If you add a shadow under an object, it will look like it's floating in the air. If you add right lightning to the circle you'll have a sphere — three-dimentional object.
Here are some examples:

In case of the letter “M” the best way of creating 3D effect is a drop shadow.

In case of a circle best tool is the airbrush. Use smaller brush sizes and select brighter color each time. Final effect looks like a sphere from a 3D program. In fact it is done in 20 seconds right in Photoshop.

Another interesting tip comes from Humie, who writes us that we “might want to know that there is an even easier way to do your spheres. First create a circle with the marquee tool. Keep the circle selected. Select two colors then select the gradient tool. Set the gradient tool to radial instead of linear. Then with the circle selected use the gradient tool inside of the circle. Hope this helps (maybe?)”

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