Photoshop professional tips & tricks

When the Scratch is Full...

Some day you'll face the warning on the screen, saying something like «Your scratch disk is full». But you know that free disk space is more than 3 times the size of file you're working on.
So you figure out, that you have to free up some space. But how? That is possible to do when you save a file. But Photoshop doesn't let you save it - it filled up your disk with the scratch. What to do?
The solution comes when you know a bit about how Photoshop works with disk space. It works bad. And to make some disk space free you have to create small file (like 3x3 pixels) and save it in Photoshop format. This file won't take any serious part of your disk. And Photoshop will flush the cache — i.e. the scratch. After this you'll be able to save the file that waits to be saved.


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